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Simplify Themes

About This File

Simplify introduces a cleaner and more minimalist style to IPS Community Suite 4. Powered by our own bespoke framework, Simplify has vast potential for customization. Our range of configuration settings allow you to tailor the theme to however you desire.  Choose from features such as color picking, live backgrounds, navigation icons, sticky headers & social icons.

Key Features

Responsive Mobile DesignLive Customization OptionsResizable Header & BreadcrumbsSocial Media & Navigations IconsPowered by "Base" Frameworkintergrated Color PickerGoogle Webfonts API IntergrationAdvanced Footer Blocks

Base Framework

Base is underlying framework that power our IPS4 themes. The consistent codebase means awesome new features can be added quickly and easily. Sneakly issues are also easier to diagnose and fix.

We dislike seeing the same style of theme on every website just as much as you do, that's why Base is extremely customizable with over 60 configurable settings.

Base Framework Features

Responsive Design : Browse on your mobile, tablet or desktop. Our themes are beautifully responsive.

SEO Optimization : Clean & semantic code ensures search engines crawl your site's most important content.

Bespoke Typography : Direct intergration into Google Webfonts. Just enter the font name and we'll do the rest.

Unique Customizaion : Extends IPS4's theme setting system to offer powerful editing capabilities.

Browser Support : Our themes are tested to work on all modern mobile & desktop browers. (....even IE!)

Ready to Translate : Need one-click translations? Our themes intergrate perfectly with IPS4's localization system.

Supports Only 4.2.x 


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11 часов назад, hostrk сказал:

Кто подскажет, как расшифровать копирайт?

Мужской род
  1. 1.
    Правовая норма, регулирующая отношения, связанные с изданием и использованием произведений литературы и др.
  2. 2.
    Знак ©, указывающий на то, что данное произведение охраняется авторским правом.

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18 минут назад, hostrk сказал:

Подскажите, кто знает, откуда выводится копирайт темы после установки?

Правила читай

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1 час назад, WOLF сказал:

слепошарый чтоль? или тебе этого мало? 


Может в теме увидел только не знает что кнопочку надо жмякнуть :ag:

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