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  1. Hey there, I have a litte questions to ipb4 commerce. A friend want a litte online store for his bike store. If I add a product, can I add buying options like other things to the product? If someone want a bike, to change something? And can people send a product request ? thanks Dan
  2. Hey there, Is there a way to change the member follow system to a friend system? That users can add users? This is not a great solution wih the arrowchat.... Perhaps someone have an idea.. greethings from germany /
  3. ip.gallery

    Solved, issue with iis settings.. and false php.ini settings
  4. Hey, How I can set a video background for ipb4? I found some jquerys but dont know how to use it... like this http://syddev.com/jquery.videoBG/index.html#about or http://dfcb.github.io/BigVideo.js/
  5. Is there a way to show the full content with the font formatting on the frontpage? thank u
  6. I see, I can only one times edit my posts, I try the code and it works, but the layout is only to see in the full artikle, perhaps there is a way to change this, I will look later, perhaps I find a way to change this in the code, It would be nice, when the first artikel is full shown and the other only with 7 lines,
  7. Thank you! I have a second litte question,I use IP.Board 4.1 yet,Is there a way to show the name of the files in the gallery?I uploaded some videos and it would be nice to show the name of the file in the front end,perhaps theres a easy way to set up this,my first idea was to create a background picture with the names, but its not nice,http://de.share-your-photo.com/img/7742d90871.pngIf its okay, I don't create a new thread, this is my last question, greethings from germany, Dan
  8. Hey there, I wish all here a nice start into the new year next days! I have a litte questions, Is there a way to show full articles on the pages frontpage and not only a few lines and then "read more" ? This is important for me, thx
  9. ip.gallery

    I'm using your nulled ipb, version In Downloads and in the Forum I don't have a problem by uploading files, but in the Gallery I can't upload pictures, sometime it works sometimes not. I looked for http logs in windows and the system logs... theres only the message: There was a problem uploading the file But this only in the Gallery...
  10. currency

    Hello there, I'm new here and I'm from germany, If somebody speak german I can also write in german, but my english is not the best, (I hate the english language,) I'm using your ipb, and have a problem with the nexus, I can't change the currency symbol on And the donation bar dont work, -> you can look here https://www.dhiud.de/index.php?/clients/donations/ It don't show the process I'm using php7 and mysql on a windows machine with iis 8.5 I want to change it in € perhaps someone can help me, I want to buy this next time, if I have enough money thanks for ur work David