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    Orange Deflection edit By KNZ 1.1.0

    Стиль Orange Deflection.
    Тема отредактирована в размере 85% Никаких ошибок нет ошибок, все работает отлично!  
    Theme edited at a rate of 85% No bugs has no error everything works perfectly!

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    [4.3] FLine

    Отличный дизайн в сочетании с огромным количеством настроек. 
    Тема подходит для любых форумов разных направлений. 
    Добавлены новые типы статей и слайдеров с возможностью редактирования.
    Проверено на 4.2

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    Surface Dark

    About This File
    The theme of «Surface» is a fully modernized design IPS in different colors. We tried to make the best design and make it easier to customize style, so have worked out every detail. We wish to make as high quality a product as possible and «Surface» will reveal it. Main Settings



    Forum Nodes





    Social Icons



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    Chameleon Dark

    Chameleon Dark версия для 4.3.3+

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    Infraskew Theme

    Игровая тема, с большим количеством настроек (IPS4). Прикреплен файл русифицированной версии

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    Dark Theme 4.3.3

    About This File
    VirSCAN: http://r.virscan.org/language/en/report/8fae15e0523bbd1530e54d3a182023c6
    Beaufitul Dark Theme for IPS 4.3
    Slider Advanced Footer Slider with a lot of options:
    Align header, content and buttons Vertical and horizontal slides! Permissions slider and slides Fullscreen and container slider size. Specific pages where show slider Pagination buttons Navigation buttons Background color and image for per slide Height slider Effect transitions Autoplay mode Loop mode Footer
    4 blocks with customization width Permissions for per block Background footer Social links

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  7. Бесплатный

    BNY Official v2.0

    BNY Official v2.0 - универсальный темный стиль для IPS 4.
    Идеально подходит для игровых, закрытых сообществ.
    Присутствует красивая анимация в шапке форума.
    Заявлено для:
    Версий IPS: 4.2.x, 4.3.x

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    (MIX) No background in profile name

    Выкладываю свой простенький плагин убирающий фон у имени пользователя и его группе в профиле пользователя.
    Совместим с IPS 4.2/4.3

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    Стиль Soft Blue

    Стиль Soft Blue.
    I purchased Soft Blue 4.2 from IB Themes. I thought I would share it with everyone here.
    Theme is quite nice. Hope you enjoy!

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    Стиль Cambridge

    Стиль Кембридж из темы IPB.
    This is the Cambridge theme from IB Theme.

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    Стиль Zenyte Theme

    Стиль Zenyte Theme.
    Никакая частная поддержка не будет предоставлена всем, кто использует эту тему.
    No private support will be given to anyone who uses this theme.

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    Titan - Ipsfocus

    Titan for IPS.Suite 4.2.8
    Titan is the ultimate gaming theme, based upon a large wallpaper image which is blurred behind textured navigation and category bars.
    Титан - это конечная игровая тема, основанная на большом изображении обоев, которое размывается за текстурированной навигацией и барами категорий.
    Nulled version / обнулить версия

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    UltraFPS + Addons

    Красивый стиль доведенный до ума зарубежным кодером. 
    ВНИМАНИЕ! Перед установкой стиля, обязательно установите все дополнения находящиеся в архиве.

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  14. Бесплатный

    Dreadnought Theme + Extras ( Обвноленая версия стиля )

    Обновления версия темы Dreadnought Theme

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    Cleany 1.0.0

    Фришный дизайн https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8678-cleany/

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    Simplify Themes

    About This File
    Simplify introduces a cleaner and more minimalist style to IPS Community Suite 4. Powered by our own bespoke framework, Simplify has vast potential for customization. Our range of configuration settings allow you to tailor the theme to however you desire.  Choose from features such as color picking, live backgrounds, navigation icons, sticky headers & social icons.
    Key Features
    Responsive Mobile DesignLive Customization OptionsResizable Header & BreadcrumbsSocial Media & Navigations IconsPowered by "Base" Frameworkintergrated Color PickerGoogle Webfonts API IntergrationAdvanced Footer Blocks
    Base Framework
    Base is underlying framework that power our IPS4 themes. The consistent codebase means awesome new features can be added quickly and easily. Sneakly issues are also easier to diagnose and fix.
    We dislike seeing the same style of theme on every website just as much as you do, that's why Base is extremely customizable with over 60 configurable settings.
    Base Framework Features
    Responsive Design : Browse on your mobile, tablet or desktop. Our themes are beautifully responsive.
    SEO Optimization : Clean & semantic code ensures search engines crawl your site's most important content.
    Bespoke Typography : Direct intergration into Google Webfonts. Just enter the font name and we'll do the rest.
    Unique Customizaion : Extends IPS4's theme setting system to offer powerful editing capabilities.
    Browser Support : Our themes are tested to work on all modern mobile & desktop browers. (....even IE!)
    Ready to Translate : Need one-click translations? Our themes intergrate perfectly with IPS4's localization system.
    Supports Only 4.2.x 

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    IPS Magnum theme for ips 4.2

    Magnum theme 4.1.4

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    Oblivion dark theme with blue focus 2.1

    Стиль Oblivion dark theme.
    Change theme to Oblivion or navigate with the default theme.

    Should fit all applications that IPS has to offer.
    Only for IPS version  4.2.x

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  19. Бесплатный


    Theme Settings

    Easily enable, disable or modify theme features such as background images, logos, social media links, guest messages and colors. This makes modifications and upgrades very simple since little code changes are required.
    Minimal HTML edits

    This theme has only 3 modified template files, which means in most cases, you will not need to install theme updates between IPS versions. Too easy!
    Color Scheme Editor

    Your members can choose two colors to create their own color scheme from a predefined selection. This feature can be disabled easily if required.
    Background picker (if enabled)

    Your members can choose their own background image (or color) from a predefined selection and their choice is saved via cookies. This feature can be configured or disabled within the theme settings.
    Global message

    Display a message across the top of your site with important announcements. Once your members have seen the message, they can press the Dismiss button to remove it (until you configure a new one).
    Guest message

    A customizable message can be shown to guests, prompting them to either register or login to your forum.
    Social links

    Social links can be enabled/disabled and customized to your own URL, allowing you to easily link to your social network pages (facebook, twitter, etc)
    HTML logo with slogan

    Easily add/edit your text logo and slogan from within the theme settings. If required, the text can be replaced by an image instead.
    Mega Footer

    A mega footer with configurable column numbers and content can be enabled and customized all within the theme settings.

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    Animate 4.2

    Animate 4.2

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    Winter holiday 2017

    Theme Winter holiday 2017 designed especially for a good winter mood. Theme has a few features and fully responsive and mobile friendly. 
    On/Off snow on front-end; Choosing the type of snow: Simple; Round; Flakes with shadow; Round with shadow; Snowdrift on Primary Nav; Snow images 1-3. Pre-defined snow images. On/Off holiday font. This theme is free, C Новым Годом!

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    Halloween Theme 1.0.5

    Стиль Halloween.

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    Elegant для Invision Community

    Простая до безобразия тема, с возможностью менять цветовую гамму на ходу.

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    [4.2] Zeron

    Хороший игровой стиль, выполненный в очень приятных темных тонах с большим количеством настроек
    Проверено на 4.2.

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    [4.2] Matter

    Matter a material metaphor is the unifying theory of a rationalized space and a system of motion.
    The material is grounded in tactile reality, inspired by the study of paper and ink, yet technologically advanced and open to imagination and magic.
    Full Screen: Home Page, Calendar, Downloads, Blogs, Pages

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