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  1. I have no idea, you need to wait for the theme to get outdated and wait even more, until someone uploads the updated theme it's complicated, pretty much like themes for ipsfocus, we're still waiting for subway, villain etc... just be patient, a lot of themes is incompatible with 4.1.X
  2. this theme is outdated, don't install on 4.1.X. You need a newer version of Mountains. Just wait for it.
  3. Version: by ipbmafia Hey guys, I've moved my theme files from CDN back to my file storage /uploads on my VPS, but the problem is the job got stuck... I can't revert them. Can't change the setting as the move is in progress... Moving Theme Resource Files are stuck for like 4 days now... When trying to run it manually, the number in Processing MoveFiles - filestorage__core_Theme XXXXXXX /4 just increases and nothing happens. How could I get this working? This specific job is stuck and all other jobs can't run because of that. I can't even upgrade to 4.1, because of this issue. Is there anything I could do to fix it?
  4. Hello, I'd like to Display the Whole Article on my Pages. I hate the 6 line preview along with the Read More button. I'd like to remove the said button and display entire entries instead. Is this possible ? If so, which template files do I need to modify? Thank you. I have found an old workaround for 3.X, but I'm not able to apply it on 4.X IPS.
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