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  1. Yup options: - Browser Game - Resources forum - Anime and fantasy and manga forum - Harry Potter Forum If you have ideas and suggestions I would love to hear them, if there is anyone serious who will talk to me. I am looking for someone to manage it, I will be more behind the scenes: I will take care of storage, domain, promotion in search engines, promotion in social networks and more. Discord: HAIM1996
  2. There is no catch, looking for someone to set up a forum with on a certain topic. A 50-50 partnership. in expenses and income. But I will be able to invest in a domain and storage, the partner will be obliged to be serious and have good advertising skills. If I find someone serious, I am ready to invest in promotions on Facebook and Google
  3. I'm available if you have an idea or something like that
  4. Became relevant again, I had a certain project but the partner played dirty. Open to new offers
  5. Hope this helps those who need it FAQ Accordion_2.1.1.xml
  6. Really bro, you're embarrassing yourself! Stop pestering me, if I decide anyone who wants will get it and not just you Now seriously, stop pestering me, jealous boy.
  7. Anyway, If there is anyone sensible who has something to offer, I'm available
  8. In the meantime I have not shared 😇
  9. https://forum.invisionize.pl/files/file/856-50-popp-theme-darklight https://forum.invisionize.pl/files/file/794-dark-light-fluent-design-theme-edition I purchased the originals, I would love to hear what you have to offer in return
  10. I purchased the original, I would love to hear what you have to offer in return
  11. Buyer builds plugins for Xenforo Requirements: - Inexpensive - Experienced in the field - Presentation of work is required, if there are supplements you have prepared and they are also for sale - also excellent Price: make an offer Receiving payment: PayPal ---------------------- Buyer promotes websites for the Nulled's community Requirements: - Inexpensive - Experienced in the field - Mainly Oda against Google price: offer receiving payment: Paypal --------------------------- Buy a custom theme for Xenforo Requirements: - Experienced in the field, presentation of works is required - Open minded * There are some examples for inspiration price: offer receiving payment: Paypal --------------------------- Buying a banner design for the Nulled community Requirements: - High level banner designer - Option for a moving banner (Flash?) price: offer receiving payment: Paypal --------------------------------- Buys an active Instagram account Requirements: Over 1,500 followers price: offer receiving payment: Paypal
  12. And if such a thing exists here, I am interested in purchasing a banner here that will appear on all pages for a month, I would appreciate the price
  13. Looking for someone who has a vbulletin license If there is, send me a private message here and we will continue to talk. - There is also an "exchanges" option: X mods / templates for the license - If you need a resource that is suitable enough for the deal, that's fine too If you are interested in money, I would appreciate a discounted price and proof of the license holder. I'm sure we can find a solution I have licenses for IPB and xenforo
  14. Unfortunately, from what I understand, it doesn't work
  15. Is there an update to the plugin?
  16. Hello everyone, My name is Haim, 28 years old from Israel. I am looking for a partner to establish a forum community on the following topics (only one will be selected) - Anime and fantasy forum - Community Forums - Pokemon Forum - Form Harry Potter - Gaming community (plus servers of course) - Resources forum (IPB, VB, etc.) * There is an option for a browser game (Pokemon is better) Highlights: 50/50 of the profits (advertisements, I'm sure we'll find other solutions) - Must love the subject! Otherwise there is no point. - Availability and seriousness required!!! - Has sources of resources (if we go on a resource forum) - Serious Of course the partner will share the expenses together with me I bring with me a license for the IPB forum system + appropriate design adjustment + mods and plugins and what is needed - Domain and storage * If necessary, we will split half and half for sponsored promotion on social networks. I managed several such forums, it's time for me to release a non-Israeli project. Waiting for your suggestions
  17. I am looking for a pattern for: A community with potential in any subject Vacancies: - Number of vacancies: - Job Information: I am looking for a partner who will join me (or join) an existing community, I have an IPB license, I have a budget and what is needed Contact with the Administrator: PM I hope the ad is ok 🙂 My name is Haim and I am from Israel, 27 years old Living and breathing forum communities for over a decade, I have a license for the IPB forum system that is not in use. I master IPB at a very good level (not only IPB) I am looking to establish / join a potential project with someone responsible, with a head on his shoulders, serious and of course with a desire for success. I am applying from outside my country (Israel) because the situation of the forums is not good. - Money is not a problem here, of course up to a certain amount. If you have a running / existing project and you need another hand, a partner, help or something like that, I would love to hear.
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