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    Any info about it? Or did I make a mistake in my request? If so, I apologize
  2. Advanced Messages

    Hi, I apologize for the disorder but I have information to ask: The plugin works perfectly anywhere except on the Registration Page. Why? And then I think there is a small bug: it often tells me that there is an error and when I go to check internally, I find that in "Forums" the "Categorys" is enabled without I have done it https://i.imgbox.com/wDLdW2mK.jpg
  3. I just told what happened to me. I was hoping it might be useful but it was not so I do not have enough knowledge to help you, I'm sorry (Also for my bad English)
  4. The same thing happened to me ago: in my case it only depended on an error in the cusom.css (I had an open setting where the closing bracket was missing) and with that I resolved everything in a moment. I do not know if your case will work, but do check it out