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  1. Increased minimum PHP version to 7.4 and recommended version to 8.0. Complete change notes: https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/
  2. IPS released today IPS 4.7.0 Beta 4 Waiting for a nulled version to test it
  3. Go to AdminCP > Members > Staff > Moderators and click Edit. Choose Restricted and on Content tab you can choose what they can do. I agree with what @SlawkA said. Moderators need such permissions to monitor your forum. Why deprive them of those permissions? But again, it's your forum. You do what you think is best.
  4. Просмотр файла IPS Default Theme (Green & Red) Just the IPS Default Theme, nothing special added. Just recolored to Green and Red, which I think it looked cool. ^^ ________________________________ Просто тема IPS по умолчанию, ничего особенного не добавлено. Просто перекрасил в зеленый и красный, что, на мой взгляд, выглядело круто. Добавил newload Добавлено 20.04.2022 Категория Темы и дизайн Язык eng  
  5. Not that I was gonna use it. Just wondering... XD ____________________________ Не то чтобы я собирался его использовать. Просто интересно...XD
  6. I was wondering, someone did ever try recreating the Default theme from IPB 3 on IPS 4? Searched a bit and didn't find anything XD __________________ Мне интересно, кто-нибудь пробовал воссоздать тему по умолчанию из IPB 3 на IPS 4? Немного поискал и ничего не нашел XD
  7. Today's Friday. Its okay tô drink hahah
  8. Going back to 2010 (?) youtube success hit:
  9. Awesome!
  10. About the Shoutbox, I have found this one that's said to work on IPS 4.3 but I tested on my Test Board which runs the latest version ( and works fine. It's in english though. I guess that you or someone here can localize it in Russian XD Shoutbox 1.3.0.tar Shoutbox 1.3.0.tar If you want a sneak peek, check my test board. Link on my userpanel <<<<
  11. speaking of sliders... Was able to create one as a custom block on the sidebar. But I wanted to make it automatic, without the need for the person click it to see the next video. Any tips? XD
  12. was playing swtor when my laptop video board stopped working 😧 For now, i'm playing Pokémon Diamond on Open Emu.
  13. lol looks like someone ripped the forums... Was browsing invision-virus for something cool and found this....
  14. Don't want to be that guy... But why remove newest member information? XD
  15. Does anyone have this or a similar one? https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9400-select-theme-from-user-bar/
  16. Yea, i know. But somehow it's not a holiday here XD
  17. We don't have this holiday here in Brazil. I saw Sawka;s and Shadow's post above and just googled to see what Holiday it was XD
  18. Happy Holiday for you Comrades!
  19. When creating a forum, you have this settings. Just need to scroll down a bit to find it. Also, a quick video too might help XD Screen Recording 2022-05-08 at 21.27.50.mov Screen Recording 2022-05-08 at 21.27.50.mov
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