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  1. Hello How can I force the reaction to download from the attachment? I mean the attached files in the thread, not the download section
  2. Thanx , It worked great It is better to add this code to the plugin .cyberdevil_spoiler:not(.cke_widget_element) > .ipsSpoiler_contents { display: none; } .cyberdevil_spoiler:not(.cke_widget_element) > .ipsSpoiler_header:not(.ipsSpoiler_open) { margin-bottom: calc(var(--sp-4) * -1); }
  3. @Exception I tested this, when the topic opens, the spoiler opens
  4. @Exception After adding this code to custom.css, we can write a text for the spoiler, we can only give a title
  5. Yes you are right I did not notice the space between when copying. And there is ipsSpoiler_contents Now, for a moment, the image wants to open, is there a way to solve that issue as well???
  6. @Exception I tested it, it didn't make any difference
  7. I checked the 4pda.ru site in the forum section, it uses ipb and the spoiler it uses does not open
  8. Hello I have a problem with this plugin When I use SPOILER in a topic, when I open the topic, all SPOILERS are open in a moment and then they are closed. How can I make this not happen?>??
  9. tested Ok html { /* For Firefox */ overflow-y: scroll; scrollbar-color: #008de4 #0d3b97; scrollbar-width: thin; } /* For Chrome and other browsers except Firefox */ body::-webkit-scrollbar { width: 0.5em; background-color: #0d3b97; } body::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { background-color: #008de4; }
  10. I want it to work in all browsers, especially Firefox
  11. thank you I also put this code in custom.css, but it didn't work
  12. Hello I want to change and beautify the IPS scrolls Thank you for your guidance I saw an example, if we can implement a plan like this, it would be great https://onaircode.com/html-css-custom-scrollbar-examples/
  13. Hello I use the program to convert the Gregorian date to solar (Iran) and I noticed that when the program is active, it shows the clock 4 hours ahead, and when the program is off, the time of the forum is shown correctly. I am attaching the program. Thank you for helping to solve the problem IPSFarsi.com - JalaliDate 8.0.0.tar
  14. Thankful It's set to go timedatectl set-timezone Asia/Tehran But there is a problem with the clock
  15. After setting the server, I checked that the server time was correct This is the result rdate: [rdate.cpanel.net] Wed Mar 27 09:55:18 2024 I set the server at 9:55 and checked the accuracy of the time
  16. Hello I set the server clock accurately, but the IPS clock is still not set and it shows 4 hours ahead, but the date is correct Please guide me to set the clock accurately
  17. avangcom


    There is a navigation section in Room settings Thank you for your guidance
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