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Enhanced Profile Blocks


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Enhanced Profile Blocks

Enhance the information blocks on the members profiles with this easy to use resource.


About User Block

  • Enhance the about user block with more detailed member information of the member, each with its own font-awesome icon
  • Choose the font-awesome icon of each section from a predefined list of 600 icons (just start typing)
  • Show/Hide the members user group
  • Show/Hide the members rank
  • Show/Hide the members id
  • Show/Hide the members post count
  • Show/Hide the members post ratio per day
  • Show/Hide the members total reputation
  • Show/Hide the members number of the days won
  • Show/Hide the members joined date
  • Show/Hide the amount of days the member has been registered
  • Show/Hide members birthday
  • Show/Hide members custom profile fields
  • Show/Hide the members last activity
  • Show/Hide the members current location (on site)

Clubs Block

  • Display the users clubs as icons (The club name will show on hover)
  • Choose to display it above or below the about user block

3rd Party

  • There is a setting for if you have (DF42) Members Social Info installed to show the block
  • There is a setting for if you have (DF42) Profile Video installed to show the video in the block
  • If you have member map installed then there is a setting to show the block

  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Language
    English / английский


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  • Show/Hide the members' birthday
  • Show/Hide the custom profile fields (needs more work to display a separate FA icon for each field!)
  • Added the user's group images inside About Block (looks better now)
  • Added the ability to show both birthday and members' age in one field
  • Removed User Group Block (was totally unnecessary)
  • Current location is now truncated (it was looking ugly when you were watching a topic with a long title)
  • And more… (honestly nothing! :ae:)

Enhanced Profile Blocks_1.1.3.xml

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23 minutes ago, by_ix said:

@Orpheus почему нормально не обновить? 

Do you mean, why not update the file?

Because of these known issues below

  • It only supports one FA icon for one custom profile field, not more and will show the same FA icon for all other fields
  • Birthday field is empty if 'Birthday' field is set to 'Not Telling'
  • And maybe I'll add something more...Idk

P.S: It's an unofficial update, it's not from the original author but me

Edited by Orpheus
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1 минуту назад, Orpheus сказал:

I don't have that version installed, but you can check if you have IPS v4.3 installed.

Ok. Thx

Но думаю не встанет

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On 2/2/2023 at 12:46 PM, wonderland8 said:

Orpheus  Hey bro, how can I display profile block in topic? I'm using the latest version of IPS. Thx

Why don't you use Enhanced User Info Panel for that?

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