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Teamspeak bridge

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Простите за ссылку. Там просто все описание внутри и соответственно сам скрипт можно было скачать. Прицеплю его сюда. В общем скрипт, уже написан под вб, он интегрирует форум и тимспик: группы, юзеров и тд. 


Описание на английском, все просто и понятно, не требует перевода.

Options / Features :

* The ability to turn the whole modification on/off.
* The ability to show the modification in Quick Links.
* Automatically add users to TS3 groups (server and channel) based off of their Unique ID (set in profile)
* The ability to look up users by username or userid (if they used a token generated by this script)
* The ability to look up users by unique ID
* The ability to allow certain usergroups to generating tokens.
* The ability to allow certain usergroups to reset token counts.
* The ability to allow certain usergroups to administer tokens.
* Custom number of tokens and unique ID's

Two new usergroup permissions are provided in the usergroup manager.

* Default Teamspeak Server Group - The Teamspeak 3 server groups that users will be placed into.
* (Channel Name) - The Teamspeak 3 channel group that users will be placed into for that channel. (Only one group is allowed per channel, select none to not set a channel group)
* Can Generate Tokens
* Can Reset Tokens
* Can Admin Teamspeak
* Number of Tokens allowed (also used for number of unique ID's)

Two new user fields have been added and are editable through the user manager or the teamspeak script.

* Teamspeak Unique ID (variable depending on settings for primary usergroup)
* Tokens (the number of tokens they have generated)

* All other modification settings are in Options > Neoobs - Teamspeak.



Если есть, кто может написать скрипт с нуля, мой скайп - spirgg, пишите цену, если она мне подойдет - заплачу.

Neoobs_Teamspeak_0.9b (1).zip

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