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  1. Здравствуйте. Существует проблема с ipb 3.4.9 Пользователи пишут ответы - символ интервала не работает. Я не знаю, что и как ... В Интернете печально известна информация о том, что ошибка - это окна, переустановив окна - проблема не исчезла, что приводит к выводу, что ошибка все еще существует. И это все еще форум ... На этот раз это не только для одного, но он начинает появляться для многих, и я не знаю, что на самом деле делать ... Помогите!
  2. Lagger

    Hooks request

    doesnt help... when i put user - nothing when i put group - whole group got this option. about topic - its for topic but i wanted to put on subform... any idea how to put one user mod cp on subform where he can control his own guild form!?
  3. Lagger

    Hooks request

    ipb 3.4.9 (dont tell me to update ipb...)
  4. Lagger

    Hooks request

    Hello. I want to ask for help. 1. - is there a hook or app where i can make topic moderators!? Gaming project and there is clans - i want to make section only for clans members to get connected them. Mostly i need to make member as admin of the topic and can accept or reject member who want to applay to clan members. And kick if they dont need a memeber. Hope i understand idea. 2. - how to hide moderator cp for users!? Its active for all but usefull for moders and admins. How to hide!? When i tried i hidden from all or no-one.
  5. Lagger

    php version

    tnq both still no useful due i can't run both vers in the same time
  6. Lagger

    php version

    windows 7 ultimate 64bit running on xamp 1.7.1 (*req) i said php 5.6 or above Come on... question is - is there a possibility to run 2 different php versions!
  7. Lagger

    php version

    i want run to php versions... one of them is 5.2.9 and second i want to run new ipb 4 who is 5.6 or above windows 7 ultimate 64bit version
  8. Lagger

    php version

    hello... i hope i will get here some solution. i have php 5.2.9 running web core... but i want to install new ipb but in req is missing php version... if i update them my webcore don't work. is there some possibility to run 2 php versions at same time? do not ask to update webcore - i do not do this because of bug list in new one. much time spend to solve buglist in this webcore.
  9. da ja sam neznaju... kogda ja ho4u udalit sto ta iz forum - tot kartinka ho4u na chat - tot kartinka i tak vsjo vremja... a kogda ho4u druguju aplikaciju togda etot kartinka daze s starim vers mne nebilo takie problemi!
  10. the same!!! cant use full forum options
  11. nulled i will check because previous version all time get error about key :@
  12. After using ipb - i got message that i need renew license key. It means - its not nulled Greate release but i need back my full operation on forum! Please help!
  13. Lagger

    IPS Community Suite 4.1 Nulled

    Problema takaja... uze dawno ustanovil ipb i seichas umenja padkazivajut takuju info sto mne nada novij licenziju.. do tavo momenta mne nechevo nerabotajet... sto mne delat teper!? All haters - you want it - you buy it!