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  1. Please see my picture, Do you know why on the tab in side section to the title of my site appear russian language? While I use the English language. Is there a code intruder broke into my site? This was after upgrade IPS Community to
  2. I'm waiting for IPS Community 4.1.4

  3. Solved To resolve the issue, please download the attached file and upload it to \applications\nexus\sources\Package\Item.php
  4. Help me, My product title in Store have been lost, Who knows about this problem?
  5. How to delete Cache on IPS Community 4?
  6. Successfully updated to, thank you
  7. What happen with IPBMafia?

  8. Oke thank you, I hope eventually had no bugs.
  9. it looks like I'll be waiting a long time for this latest version.
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