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  1. But is it possible that no one can answer or want to answer this simple question? When I had a full license I would have immediately made this information available as I have always done in the past because nobody answers? Do you have no way to have the latest version? Even a "no" would be at least an answer. Greetings
  2. The ips_4.4.5_original.zip posted here have version.json : Anyone have the "104034" ? or know the file difference from 104033 ? Thank's
  3. @Respected Hi 4.4.5 Build 104034 is Out.. 104034 "auto-upgrade extraction" Someone knows which files are different from the published 103433 version? Thank's and Regards
  4. Hi mr @Respected the v4.4.2 build 104020 is out difference from 4.4.2 Build 104019 is is possible to share only diff file? many thank's
  5. Hi mr @Respected the v4.4.2 build 104019 is out difference from 4.4.2 Build 104018 is 104019 "an issue with single forum moderators, custom profile field display and topic widgets" is possible to share only diff file? many thank's
  6. "/applications/cms/widgets/RecordFeed.php" of ipb 4.4.2 Build 104018 in Attachement.. Regards RecordFeed.php
  7. can share "/applications/cms/widgets/RecordFeed.php" tks
  8. Hi mr @Respected the v4.4.2 build 104017 is out can you share only the different file from v4.4.2 build 104016? Many Thank's
  9. new the retail is 4.4.2 build 104016 is online.. can share? Thank's
  10. @Respected Hi mr Respected are you able to share only this 3 file? 4.4.1 build 104014 104011 -> 104014 file(s) changed "/applications/core/modules/front/system/register.php", "/applications/nexus/interface/gateways/authorize.php", "/system/Db/Db.php" Many thank's Ops.. Thank's for the new Archive.. ?
  11. changes 104013 "an issue with MySQL read/write separation, and improves security in Commerce." 104014 "improves read/write MySQL separation stability." Anyone can Share only this 3 file? many thank's
  12. Many thank's this is the difference to v104012 from v104011? Regards
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