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Useful tips related to managing a community..


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After working with the invisioncommunity software for so long I have learned some useful things about managing a forum / community, taking into account the fact that still a lot of community owners using this platform still do not know exactly how to manage it properly.
So I decided to share my experience and the things I have seen over time to help other people who want to use this information. To improve the community and its administration.

1. Images || Including: Creating Groups, Signatures, About Me, Covers, and so on...

  • Social > Profiles > Maximum profile photo storage size try to keep the upload limit to 100 kilobytes (kB).
  • Social > Profiles > Maximum cover photo size try to keep the upload limit to maximum 200/300 kilobytes (kB).
  • Content > Uploads > Total maximum storage try to keep the upload limit to maxium 500/1000 kilobytes (kB).
  • Content > Uploads > Maximum storage for each submission same as the "Total Maximum Storage".

Why am I saying this? Well, to avoid loading the forum with resources because there are some people with some bad computers and internet connections, and for them It would load pretty slow if there is a lot of resources in megabytes (MB). Not just that, if you don't try to limit those things that I mentioned above, there may be some members on your community that could or even would upload avatars / covers / and so on that are .gif files and they may even be between 1 megabyte up to 30 megabytes or even more. 

2. Plugins, Applications and Templates || also including: Third-Party Customizations

  • When you install a plugin or an application that are not officially or even official ones from Invisioncommunity try to read all the informations provided by the developer of the plugin / application. Because sometimes I've seen people just installing things on their community and not even checking the compatibility with their invision suite version. And after that they are wondering why they get a lot of php errors and what so ever.
  • With Templates is almost exactly the same, try checking the template compatibility before purchasing / installing the template on your community. Because there my be some functions or other scripts that are not working with your invision suite version

All the things mentioned above are very important, as a front-end developer with over 3 years on field experience and 5 years in total. When I get a client for a project I always try to keep all the wallpapers / images / etc that I use in my projects under 200 kilobytes.
This is one man opinion and realization, I'm not creating this topic to judge other community owners or even to discriminate them. I would also love to see other people sharing their opinions and suggestions for other to improve their community management.

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