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Tournaments 1.3.0

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Название: Tournaments 1.3.0

Добавил: Ruskat

Добавлен: 02 Фев 2013

Категория: Компоненты, Приложения для IP.Board

Название по-русски : Турниры / Соревнования

Версия IP.Board: 3.3.x, 3.4.x

Create categories.

Unlimited number of subcategories.

Create tournaments which fit into the categories.

A count of open tournaments in each category is kept.

Create teams (max teams per member is set in the ACP).

The team creator determines how many members should be on his or her team, approves or declines applications to the team, and can kick people off of the team.

Teams join tournaments which allow teams with their number of members. there are numerous settings on the tournament form to allow for various combinations of teams.

Tournaments are created in the ACP. The one who creates the tournament can invite teams to it on the public side. Anyone with access to this app in the ACP could edit the tournament.

brackets- single and double elimination brackets are one type of tournament. You can create a 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 team tournament at this point and add byes if you don't have the correct number of teams wanting to join.

ladders- manual move teams on a ladder absed on their performance orL base it automatically on wins, on a simple formula, on ELO ratings (more complicated and precise), etc...

round robin- each team plays each other team x number of times and the team with the best record wins that tournament.

Create an invite only tournament.

Use a standalone point system with the system. Then you can allow team leaders to charge points to join their team. Then those team points are kept separately and can be used to join tournaments which cost points to join. Points can also be obtained in various ways. For individual points with the standalone system you can gain more poitns by commenting. With the internal team points system you can gain some by winning matches or tournaments.

There are many many settings in the ACP. Especially on tournament forms. Be careful with them as there are so many which could interfere with a team's ability to put new memebrs on their teams while involved in a tournament.

Upload logos for categories, tournaments, and teams.

Much more.

Кто может, забросьте сколько можете на кошелек:

R 606757069719

Z 984265017213


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При попытке зайти на __www.sute.ru/forum/index.php?app=tournaments показывается сообщение:



You do not have permission to view tournaments


хотя все права стоят правильные.


Также не понятно, как добавлять команды. Возможно, как раз таки через этот раздел?

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Yoy, Настройки  >  Установки > Tournaments(вкладка) > Basic Tournament Settings, там и настраивай права

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Вышла 1.3.1, не выложите, с русификацией? :)


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:good:  русифицируйте в премиуме ;)  а я изыщу способ премиум приобрести :hi:

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Поставил, настроил, однако команду создать могу, а турнир не могу, почему?

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:good:  русифицируйте в премиуме ;)  а я изыщу способ премиум приобрести :hi:

QiUi, с запросами на русификацию в отдельный форум. Я бы сделал, да не хочу от Видео Системы отвлекаться, которую переводить очень лень.

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mehman4uk, о, гляди, вспомнил, нашёл к чему прикопаться :D

Не ну серьезно ведь  :D

Русский форум с русскими людьми и русскими темами,на кой черт тут создавать тему с английскими буквами русскому пользователю?  :O

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