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How to change store front path url


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I’m using IPB 4.66

I would like to change the path url of the store. 
so when users click on the store link it takes them to a category page instead. 

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Используйте встроенный редактор меню в админцентре. Удалите ссылку на магазин. И добавьте внешнюю ссылку, указав в качестве URL нужный вам адрес страницы.



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Do you have any idea how to sort the id in the url or remove it completely. (if possible) 

so on my store i have 6 products. see image below


Now these look in the correct sorting order but are not!

For them to show the way they are within the image above i had start by adding the products backwards, e.g the first product i created within IPB 4.66 was Developer access, then 2nd comes Lifetime Access. 

Now If you click on the the products shown in the image it will display as: 

Free Access: example.com/plans/?id=6

Core Access: https://gplwizards.xyz/plans/?id=5

Premium Access: https://gplwizards.xyz/plans/?id=4

Ultimate Access: https://gplwizards.xyz/plans/?id=3

Lifetime Access: https://gplwizards.xyz/plans/?id=2

Developer Access: https://gplwizards.xyz/plans/?id=1


Ideally i need to somehow sort the products in order. e.g

Free Access: example.com/plans/?id=1

Core Access: https://gplwizards.xyz/plans/?id=2

Premium Access: https://gplwizards.xyz/plans/?id=3

Ultimate Access: https://gplwizards.xyz/plans/?id=4

Lifetime Access: https://gplwizards.xyz/plans/?id=5

Developer Access: https://gplwizards.xyz/plans/?id=6

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Я думаю, что Store не является продвинутым магазином и не может отсортировать товары, как вам нужно. Попробуйте разные виды сортировки, если они есть. Если их нет, то придется добавлять нужные товары по порядку их появления (отображения).

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15 hours ago, Zero108 said:

I think the Store is not an advanced store and cannot sort the products as you need. Try different sorting types, if any. If they are not there, then you will have to add the necessary products in the order of their appearance (display).

Thank you.

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